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Xi Xi Chapter Fall 1977 History as submitted by Bro Harold "Tex" Allen


A little info on my line, " The Seven Elements Of Endurance". We actually started and finished in the fall of 77. Eleven of us started and Seven of us went over.
Carl Banks
George Lee
John Johnson
Myself ( Harold L. Allen "TEX" )
Reggie Nickson
J C Bozeman
Roy Gordon
Here are a few facts about our line you might find interesting :
*George Lee was our line president because he had been on the previous line .
John Lewis was on  our line, quit and came back on the next line and made it.
* We had one Caucasian Line Brother ( Vinny Boles ) who actually made it to the last week and quit.
*The drink of choice for most Brothers during that time was Makers Mark
* And last but not least, One of my most memorable nights while on line was when my  line brothers and I decided we needed a break, and we skipped a schedule Meeting,  dressed up coat and tie and went clubbing in Louisville, only to run into the big brothers. The following sessions were interesting to say the least.
One other thing I can remember being told  about the formation of the Chapter
* Most of the Black Officers would get together on the weekend and play football at the playground next to Van Voorhis Elementary School. The gathering was jokingly referred to as the NFL (Negro Football League). During these outings the brothers noticed a large percent age of the Black officer population at Knox were QUEs,and the idea to start a chapter began to grow.
 The AKAs already had a chapter and they gave the brothers the benefit of their experience in getting a chapter on post. Following that the QUEs and the AKAs helped the DELTAS get a chapter. Then the QUEs,DELTAs and AKAs helped the KAPPAS and I don't recall who if anyone came after that. However, a Panhellenic Council was formed. Not sure if it was Official or Unofficial. What was clear was that the Black Community at Ft Knox supported each other. Tickets to most Greek Functions normally sold very well because of two prevailing reasons: (1) Everyone purchased everyone else"s tickets so they would reciprocate.and (2) The events sponsored by the Greeks were the best cultural interaction available to the entire Hardin county area.
I trust my memories of my line and the chapter will assist in updating and collaborating the archives of XI XI"s
Harold L. "TEX" Allen







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