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Our vision for Omega’s future is a return to the vision of the Founders of this great Fraternity. This vision focuses on steadfast Christian Manhood. It focuses on a love of our brother exemplified in our daily actions. By focusing on the four cardinal principles, escutcheon and our motto Omega Men will identify themselves as men of sterling character, high aspiration and leadership in our communities that improves the lives of all that they may come in contact with. One Omega equals a better universe. The first step is breaking down the barriers that divide the members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. ~Bro. Earl Young

Bryan White

District Representative

Sam McKenzie 

1st Vice District Representative

2nd vice dr Carlton Randolf

Sam McKenzie 

2nd Vice District Representative

District KRS

Quincy Snyder 

District Keeper Of Records and Seal

Erskine Oglesby
Erskine Oglesby, Jr. 
Keeper of Finance

D'Wayne Young
Public Relations

Bishop Carter

Bishop E. Carter III
District Chaplain

Christopher L. Taylor
District Counselor

dennis small
Dennis Small
Keeper of Peace
earl young
Earl Young
Immediate Past District Representative









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